It's a fucked up world we live in.
Name's Kat
I could care less what you think of me, its my blog and my life so all negative people can just fuck off.
Have a nice day: )
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Gus Van Sant death’s trilogy, from behind:
- Gerry (2002)
- Elephant (2003) 
- Last days (2005)

I've never been so torn up in all of my life,
I should have seen this coming.
I've never felt so hopeless,
Than I do tonight.
I don't wanna do this anymore, I'm moving on

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just in case you havent laughed today








ok so i’ve got a load of merch that i don’t really want anymore so i though i’d complete one of my tumblr dreams and do a giveaway !!!

the winner will get :

  • Asking Alexandria t-shirt - adult medium
  • two You Me At Six t-shirts - one adult small, the other a medium
  • Ben Bruce Clothing t-shirt - adult small
  • Enter Shikari t-shirt - adult medium
  • Marvel crew neck - adult medium
  • Aspire and Create beanie 
  • Bring Me The Horizon hoodie - adult small
  • Pierce The Veil crew neck - adult medium
  • Down But Not Out t-shirt - adult small
  • Memphis May Fire t-shirt - adult small
  • Drop Dead t-shirt - womens medium
  • Of Mice & Men t-shirts - adult small
  • Suicide Silence t-shirt - adult small
  • Of Mice & Men wristband 
  • Pierce The Veil wristband

the rules are :

  • reblogs only, no likes please
  • must be following me
  • no giveaway blogs and please don’t spam your followers
  • this has to get a decent amount of notes or it didn’t happen ya feel

i’ll be choosing the winner with a random name generator thingie on halloween 2014 and i will contact you using your askbox so make sure it is open ya know. If you don’t respond within twenty four hours i will pick someone else.

if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask and good luck !!

jja947 asked: What are you going to do when pjo ends?




Curl up in my corner and continue to write the stories I’m working on. It’s not going to change what I’m working on, since I usually don’t write stories that take place in the PJO world.

Eventually, when I get started on the anime, I have a feeling I’m going to write some MakoHaru fics. Plus I have several original stories lined up.

Now my opinions on the series as a whole will rest on how Rick decides to end it. I’ve told someone already that I will burn every single one of Rick’s books if he kills Nico. I’m not joking one bit on how serious I am about that statement. If Nico dies, I am done with reading Rick’s books.

If Nico dies I will riot in the streets.

After Orlando Bloom punched Justin Beiber


Everyone be like


Orlando Bloom punches Justin Bieber




officials of the world:

literally everyone except the beliebers

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